In 2019 I was hired by Zetcom (Swiss technology company) to create a new product eMuseumPlus 2 - museums and art galleries collections for public. The new solution was to replace legacy Java application and bring modern React and Elastic stack approach. My responsibility started at the RFP stage (to outsource part of the development) and lasted to first successful client implementations.
I managed the project from Zetcom's side and I was a link between developers, stakeholders and clients. Later on, in post MVP phase, I supported sales and introduced first clients to the new ecosystem. As of now the complete product is serving such renowned clients like Louvre, Thielska Museum, Winterthur Museum, Gurlitt Museum, Canton Zurich, European Parliament and several others.
Besides project management role I was responsible for UI/UX design of the new solution. To translate a long list of MVP requirements I created first clickable prototype of eMuseumPlus 2. Later I have build a dedicated Figma design system to link web developers with clients' vision. Then I introduced prototyping to the company's project management workflow.
Below images represents the very first eMuseumPlus 2 prototype that I've created and which was a base for further implementations. 
Under link you may see one of the live client implementations and in section 'Design for art' you may find other prototypes that I designed for these clients.
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